Statement of Purpose

Triangle Care Group 

Satement of Purpose

Triangle Care is a high challenge turnaround service which aims to work with some of the most challenging, hard to engage and disruptive young people who display complex behaviours, both in the community and also in a residential setting.

We specialise in the following areas:

Young people aged 16 -21; leaving care, custody and those at risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system, one to one support & mentoring, transformational behaviour & attitude and group work & outreach support programmes.

The main objective of Triangle Care is to prepare young people for fully independent living within semi-independent living settings. This is achieved by providing both physical and emotional support, as well as the tools within these areas to aid their transition. Physical aspects of support are undertaken via detailed development and activity planning as well as assisted instruction manuals and assessments. Emotional support is provided via mentoring and supported life experience counselling such as Triangle Care’s Challenging Me Programme.

In order to facilitate and achieve our objectives we plan to create an organisation structure that:

  • Puts the child’s need at the forefront of all areas of our organisation.
  • Ensure a safe environment and systems for the organisation and individuals to operate in. Also to ensure our safeguarding methods and techniques are understood and part of the fabric of everyone in and around the organisation.
  • Ensure our staff are fully vetted and recruited via a Safer Recruitment Policy, and ensure they are constantly supervised and developed to deliver the aims of the organisation and the individual.
  • Develop programmes that will assist and support the young person by challenging them to want to change and support their development in this change.
  • We believe that with continuous development of the infrastructure and systems above will be an effective way to achieve the 5 outcomes of Every Child Matters:
(1) Achieving economic well-being (2) Making a positive contribution (3) Enjoying and achieving (4) Staying Safe (5) Being Healthy.