Semi Independent Placement Provision

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How We Work

Triangle Care offers both 2:1 and 1:1 placements which are staffed 24 hours a day.

All young people are risk assessed by a team of multidisciplinary professionals including a registered mental health nurse, youth offending specialist, social worker, educational manager and mentoring director who then tailor make a bespoke package of care which is outcome focused. The young person is central to planning and they have an input into their own care plan, which we have found leads to greater levels of engagement.

The care plan is broken down into a daily/weekly/monthly strategy outlining activities in which the young person will engage in order to reduce specified patterns of behaviour or improve their sense of self-worth and regain a positive identity.

These are all in line with the government’s identified outcomes and targets. Our young people are encouraged to evaluate and assess themselves in order to begin the programme of change.

Our care plans are reviewed by a panel of experts and utilise information from professionals, observations of the young person and their expert knowledge.

We aim to target the specific behaviours and root causes of issues in order to facilitate change.

The types of placements we offer are:

Crisis Placement:

Following a placement breakdown, we offer immediate placement of a young person, a risk assessment and containment. We can provide the young person with a home immediately where they will be assessed and begin working with our mentoring team to ready them for a move to foster care or independence.

Bridging Placements:

Bridging placements are offered for a minimum period of 6 months to complete intensive in house work with a view to reintegration into a more traditional residential setting or independence.

Our placements are risk assessed and comply with all the relevant health and safety legislation. At Triangle Care we recognise that young people who come to us have often suffered severe abuse or are struggling to function within mainstream society; we aim to provide them with a home which is safe and meets all their needs within a local community.

They may require a period of time with our organisation to address specific behaviours that are resulting in placement breakdown or preventing them from being ready to move on to independence.


Weekly and daily care plan logs are put into place and weekly reports are compiled for internal and external care managers.

Our care plans are reviewed weekly in house and every three months with external professionals.

We will send a manager to all external Looked After Children’s reviews and also invite care managers to in house reviews.

Our young people also play a crucial role in evaluating their own performance and success and ensuring that they remain in the driving seat of all intervention planning.

Within our packages of care we offer:

  • Daily / weekly sessions with a professional psychotherapist as needed.
  • Mental health assessments and liaise with external community mental health teams
  • Weekly contact with in house career development manager
  • Daily support to attend education or training provision
  • A daily entertainment programme
  • Daily sessions with our expert mentor in offence focused behavior
  • Daily self-esteem work through interactive sessions
  • Independent living skills programme including cooking, budgeting, cleaning routines, personal hygiene and social interaction
  • Weekly feedback and goal setting with the young person
  • Life story work

All our placements offer a bespoke step down programme as we understand that as individuals people change at different paces.

Through the assessment and review process we will assist our young people to become Independent and functioning adults in their own rights.

We will support them to procure a tenancy of their own and offer a period of outreach support within their first months’ of independence to assist them to make a smooth and safe transition.

Triangle Care has the experience and expertise to address the complex issues and systemic problems faced by vulnerable young people

If you would like to discuss the placement of a young person with Triangle Care Group please contact us.