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Early Intervention Programme

Originally developed in partnership with Lancashire County Council the Early Intervention Programme focuses on three distinct areas; Family & Health Support, School Intervention and Community Works.

The Family & Health Support element instils techniques to reduce the number of incidents within the home, enhance parenting skills by increasing parenting knowledge and empowering them with techniques and reducing the risk of harm for the child(ren).

Reducing incidents within schools, increasing levels of integration within normal classroom environments, improved attendance and reduced risk of exclusion are all objectives within the School Intervention works.

Objectives of conducting the Community Works are to reduce incidents of anti-social behaviour, improve community relationships, introduce positive experiences within the community and contribute a positive impact to the community.

Evaluations of the Early Intervention programme demonstrate a significant reduction in anti-social behaviour and crime rates within the community, greater cohesion between the police and communities associated with prolific anti-social behaviour. In addition schools benefitted from greater pupil participation via reduced anti-social behaviours within the school community. Families witnessed a positive impact within the family dynamic; enabling greater understanding and stability within the home environment.

The Early Intervention Programme is a bespoke support package that is carefully crafted between TCG and the client.

For further information regarding our this programme or to enquire regarding tailored packages of support, please contact the Challenging me Team on cm@trianglecaregroup.com or visit our contact page