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Challenging Me Mentoring Programme

The Challenging Me mentoring programme has been developed with the expertise of a number of the North West’s most experienced mentors. Critically acclaimed, the programme has been a cornerstone of our operations for a number of years.

Young people aged between 11 and 21 are the primary audience for of the programme. Covering 12 distinct modules enveloping a variety of essential life skills, young people are taken on a journey of self-discovery; challenging thoughts, actions and beliefs whilst putting their lifestyle choices into perspective. Some of the areas covered by the Challenging Me Programme are:

  • Identity - Who Am I
  • Self Empowerment and Development
  • Assertiveness Versus Aggression
  • Distractions and Obstacles
  • Aspirations and Choices
  • Action and Implementation

The programme can be delivered in a variety of environments from group/year/class sessions within secondary schools through to one-to-one delivery in semi-independent care surroundings.

The Challenging Me programme is available as a full package of support or as a tailored package suited to individual or group needs.

For further information regarding our this programme or to enquire regarding tailored packages of support, please contact the Challenging Me Team or use our contact page