Locations & Settings

Triangle Care Group 

Locations & Settings

During the transition period of a Young Person joining Triangle Care Groups leaving care programme, we carry out a full assessment of their individual basic living needs. This assessment includes ensuring that the location of their new home suits their individual needs.

We believe in fitting the full package around the Young Persons needs and not fitting the Young Person into an existing package.

Following the assessment of their individual basic living needs we search our existing properties for any that may be suitable.

In the event that our existing properties do not match the Young Person’s needs we source the ideal property in the required location. This includes carrying out a locality risk assessment and sourcing specific education and/or employment options.

When the perfect property has been acquired Triangle Care Group carries out a full refurbishment with high quality fixtures and fittings. The property is then dressed with new modern furnishings in time for the Young Persons first visit to their new home.

The Young Person is given a budget to customise their new home with soft furnishings prior to their move in date.

The Emergency and Assessment Unit is fully refurbished with a modern feel and is always kept ready for an Emergency placement. This is generally used for 24 hours to 4 weeks on an emergency basis.

This unit is also used as an Assessment unit for a short period of time which enables Triangle Care Group to fully assess the Young Person then create a bespoke therapeutic and/or leaving care programme.

We believe young people should be offered the highest standards of accommodation in order to make their lives as tranquil as possible.

Please view the gallery for examples of the high standard accommodation we have available.