Triangle Care Group 


Striving to change the lives of young people with high challenge behaviour and complex needs.


The Triangle Care Group specialise in the facilitation of:

  • Semi-Independent Placements
  • One to one Mentoring
  • Reduction of  prolific offending behaviour
  • Offense focused group work
  • behavioural change through therapeutic intervention
  • Training for professionals in gang related crime prevention and dealing with Child sexual exploitation


Triangle Care is a high challenge turnaround service which works with some of the most challenging, hard to engage and disruptive young people who display complex behaviours, both in the community and in a semi-independent setting.

We at Triangle Care understand that a history of abuse, broken placements and a lack of consistent care can reduce a young person’s ability to trust and form attachments, they may be displaying high levels of violent or criminal behaviour and are of an age where it may be difficult to place them within foster care or more traditional residential placements which are simply unable to meet their needs.

We aim to assist Local Authorities to meet their duty of care to young people aged 16 to 21 through the provision of services targeted at these young people.

Triangle Care Group (TCG) have worked with the Youth Offending Team (YOT), Social Services, mental health professionals and mental health services.

TCG aim to work with young people possessing a range of mental health disorders, challenging behaviours and offending.

We endeavor to facilitate change within the person through a holistic and multi-faceted approach.

 All our children are assessed by an expert team of professionals from  mental health, Child Sexual Exploitation, safeguarding consultants, Career development officers and offending behaviour experts.

A bespoke support package is then put in place, reviewed and assessed against measurable outcomes.

We currently work with MAPPA 3, 2, 1 and ISSP satellite tracked individuals all of whom have NOT reoffended since TCG’s intervention. 

We have stabilised children who have had over 36 placement breakdowns and moved into work and education young people with diagnosable mental health issues.

Through our therapeutic program of change we have assisted the prevention of mental health sections on young people and the prevention of secure accommodation orders.